"Gilan Seramik" plant, which meets international standards, produces wall tiles of different designs in size 25x33 cm, 25x40 cm, 20x50 cm, as well as floor tiles in size 33x33 cm, 40x40 cm, 45x45 cm. Also, the plant produced decorative ceramic tile in a large range of different sizes.

33% of clay, 22% of silica sand, kaolin, calcite, dolomite, and other raw materials are used in production process. Quite a sufficient number of high quality crude deposits has been revealed in the area of Absheron and Ganja-Gazakh economic regions as a result of geological studies held to create a raw-material base of the plant.

At this stage the geological work in order to shift to the use of local raw materials, is finished and soon the plant will use about 80% of the base of local raw materials in production process. Due to high quality and wide range our products compared to foreign brands enjoy higher demand in the country. In order to meet the needs of the local market and at the same time the export of goods, "Gilan Seramik" MMC due to investments in the near future plans to open an additional enterprise for the manufacture of tiles, as well as plant for the production of equipment for the sanitary conveniences.