Social responsibility

Establishment of a new enterprise plays a great role in addressing the employment issue. Creation of essential conditions for mastering a new profession, raising skills in ceramic tile production and career development are the main principles of business development.

In line with the company’s strategy, in 2014-2015 it is planned to make socially-oriented investments in Hajiqabul. The process of spreading the sustainable development concept to the entire area of activity has already been launched and will complete in 2015.

The plant employees will have two canteens for 100 and 150 seats. All conditions for the recreation of guests and plant employees have been created in the four-storied guest house for 80 places built in the territory of the plant. Maintenance works along with the greening of the area were carried out in the yard and a sport ground was constructed. There are also all necessary conditions in the administrative part of the plant. A conference hall and a meeting room are constructed at the highest level. Various events can be hosted here.

Over 500 people have been provided with permanent jobs at the Gilan Seramik MMC and the salary of each employee reaches AZN 400-500. A three-shift schedule will be applied at the enterprise with 94 people working in each shift. Gilan Seramik MMC makes huge investments to attract leading world specialists to the country, to assist employees in mastering a new profession, to raise skills in ceramic tile production. Gilan Seramik MMC further plans to send its specialists to foreign countries that had their say in the sphere of ceramic tile production for raising their skills and improving knowledge in this area. For us, ceramics is not only a production process but also an art. Creation of an artwork is a special process. Those involved must have the knowledge of esthetic rules based on the artistic means of expression.